A Deltic arrives at a ‘rural’ station, but where is it?

EE Deltic 55019 'Royal Highland Fusilier arrives at.... where?

English Electric Deltic 55019 ‘Royal Highland Fusilier arrives at…. where?

We’ve got plenty of Deltic photographs to go online, but sometimes a photograph turns up that is a bit unusual. This photograph is of Deltic 55019 ‘Royal Highland Fusilier’ arriving at a station, but we have no idea of where it is, or what the service might be.

The train is made up of Mk2d/e air-conditioned stock, but there is little else to go on as to the location or service. If you can help us then please get in touch through the form below (or via social media). There does appear to be at least one ‘basher’, maybe it was you?

In addition to any information on the train id and location, it would be useful if the keener Deltic aficionados out there could confirm the date the photograph was taken by the ‘weathering’ on the front of the loco.

This is another photograph which reflects British Rail post-steam and pre-privatisation. There is still a feeling of the station being a place of work, rather than an empty and un-manned shell so many places became during the 1980s. The foot crossing still seems to have regular use, and a member of staff is walking down the platform. How long after this photograph was taken did this scene last?

Deltic 55019 managed to survive the cutter’s torch at Doncaster works and is under the care of the Deltic Preservation Society at Barrow Hill near Chesterfield. The DPS also look after 55009 ‘Alicydon’ and 55015 ‘Tulyar’. The Barrow Hill Roundhouse, where the DPS is located,  is currently being re-developed, so please check their website for when it reopens to the public.

We’re planning on uploading a collection of English Electric’s finest at the Lineside Photographics website in the near future, so please keep us in mind if you want a photograph of a regiment or racehorse!

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