Introducing ellybelly pictures

Introducing ellybelly pictures

Introducing ellybelly pictures

Introducing ellybelly pictures

We are proud to introduce a new brand within Lineside Photographics called ellybelly pictures. Our photographers are not just interested in railways, and whilst the theme of transport may always be strong, we hope EllyBelly Pictures will allow other subjects to be covered; including transport, wildlife, military and the odd person or too!

Our first new photographs available for sale are from a well known steam railway photographer, John Stiles! John has had many images featured in many railway magazines over the years; but more recently has concentrated his efforts on vintage transportation, vintage re-enactments and mainly military aviation, both historic and modern.

For those of our customers who favour railway photographs, don’t worry! We are working through a large collection of negatives and slides to add to those currently available, and we intend to keep adding!

In addition to John, Ian Simpson will be showcasing some of his none railway images too. If you feel that you would like to sell some of your images, but don’t want the hassle of the sales process, then make contact with us through the form below and we will see how we may be able to help.

We have also decided to move back to Loxley Colour laboratory for prints. Whilst they are a little more expensive, their attention to quality and detail means that customers are assured of a high quality photo or product at all times. This switch will not be instant, but will be completed over the next few weeks.

The move back to Loxley allows us to widen our product offering too; although some products will not be available directly through the website, we will be giving details on how to order things such as wall products to show images off to their maximum potential. Look out for further announcements in the coming weeks!

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