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It’s been too long since we updated the website and the Blog, so I have taken time to give myself a kick up the backside and start things afresh. Please subscribe to the Blog (using the form on the right of the page) and follow us for more updates in the coming days and weeks. We have a number of publications in the pipeline, and will be adding many more photographs for sale.

I’m working hard on a number of future publications, and we’re using the enforced lockdown due to Coronavirus to get them in a state where they can be published as soon as normality returns. The first two are Railway publications, both feature photographs taken by railwaymen. Ronnie Gee was a signalman and then part of station staff in the Manchester and Stockport areas. Ronnie captured many images in the North West, but also travelled extensively around the UK on holiday with his camera. Some of his images have already been featured in this blog.

The second book features photographs taken by Peter Collins. Peter had various Operational jobs in London during the 1970s and 1980s, and his camera wasn’t too far from his side. Travelling extensively on the rail network using his Privilege Pass, he captured the BR Blue period at its most evocative (some might say ‘grotty’) in Black and White images. Most of his images were in London and the surrounding suburbs, and again we have featured one or two in this Blog. The first book will be based on the Western region, covering Paddington and lines to the South West and Wales.

Finally, I worked hard early on during Lockdown on getting a revamped newsletter out (in PDF) for the Rougham Tower Association, home of the 94th Bombardment Group during World War 2. We at the RTA have been working hard over the winter months to refurnish the Tower exhibitions, and update some of the information boards. The Tower finally reopened in July 2020, and the new exhibits have been received very well by our visitors.

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